Got a question about our Storage Yards? Check out our list of FAQ’s here for the answer!

What does each Yardspace contain?

Each Yardspace is a fully enclosed and dedicated space for your own storage requirements. Electricity Access and a Shipping Container can also be added if required.

Is the site monitored?

Yes, the site benefits from HD CCTV camera footage which records 24/7 to ensure the security of the premises. Each yard is fenced off and can only be accessed directly by each individual lease holder.

What are the lease terms for My Yardspace?

We offer flexible short term or long term lease options, dependent on the yard size and storage requirements. Please contact 01244 663474 for further information.

Can I run my business from My Yardspace?

Yes you can. Each yard has a dedicated business address, so you can use your storage yard as your main business location.

Is there anything I cannot store at My Yardspace?

We have certain restrictions on the storage of goods that are classed as hazardous or flammable for example. Please speak to our Site Manager on 01244 663474 who will be able to discuss the storage options with you.

How do I pay for My Yardspace?

Our standard payment terms are a security deposit which will be returned at the end of your lease, followed by a monthly Direct Debit payment for the duration of your lease. For short term leases, we can accept payment in cash for the entire lease, you can discuss the options with the Site Manager on 01244 663474.

Do you require ID and references?

Yes we do. We accept photo ID (Drivers Licence, Passport etc) and a utility bill with full address dated no more than 3 months prior. For commercial storage, we will also require two references.

What size yards are available?

Across our locations, we have various size yards ranging from 50sqm to 300sqm. Please call 01244 663474 for availability.